Construction in Whitby is officially underway!


After months of planning and preparation, our vision for Nordik Spa-Nature | Whitby is finally coming to life, and we’re looking forward to welcoming our first guests for Fall of 2020. Over the past year, we’ve achieved several major milestones for the project. We are excited to present the results of our hard work with you here!

Assembling our team

Building an incredible spa requires an incredible team. We wanted to make sure that we surrounded ourselves with contractors who not only shared our values, but who would also help us to push boundaries and realize our unique concept.

We were fortunate enough to find wonderful partners in the outstanding general contractor Chandos and the high calibre architecture firm Group2. We were immediately drawn to their business models as they both specialize in collaborative project delivery.

With these two allies, we were able to establish a unique working plan, with all our builders gathered together under one roof! Together, we worked to refine and optimize our original plans, improving the overall spa experience.

Tim Birnie: Birnie Electric, Walter Schmoll: International Pool Contractors Inc., Pierre Cousineau: Americana Log Homes Inc., Denis Furlan: 3D Structures LTD., Nic Darling: Chandos Construction, Martin Paquette: Nordik Group, Craig Webber: Group2, Josh Kelson: Kelson Mechanical, Michael Jackson, WSP, John Ford: LEA Consulting and Chris Mills: Sitescape.

What’s new? Improvements and developments

With our team of experts assembled, we set about reviewing the plans for the first phase of the project. We’re fortunate to be working with specialists who have a deep understanding of world-class practices in the industry, having taken trips around the world for inspiration. Based on their knowledge and advice, we’ve integrated new experiences into the spa. The goal was to offer our guests an enhanced experience, streamline the spa operations to reduce our ecological footprint, and provide our wellness creators with a place to thrive.

Creating unique experiences

One of the features we’re excited to present is the expansion of our Källa saltwater flotation pool. This expansion will mean that we can provide more visitors with the extraordinary experience of weightlessness, while also making it the largest saltwater pool in North America. In addition, we added a third restaurant for a different kind of dining experience – a casual, social space where our guests can unwind and reconnect with their friends and family.


Reducing our ecological footprint

Given that one of our goals is to provide our guests with a moment to reconnect with nature, we’re very excited about the changes we’ve made to our original plan to reduce our ecological footprint. Here are just a few examples:
• Implementation of a heat recovery system
• Downlighting to prevent light pollution
• Use of Low Impact Development strategies (such as keeping all soil on site for future use in landscaping)
• Capture of rainwater for gardening and other water features

The spa experience in all its simplicity

We want our guests to feel at ease from the very start of their journey with us. As such, our in-house programmers developed an online booking system so that guests can plan their spa day from the comfort of home. Online bookings ensure that the overall spa experience flows effortlessly; our guests’ access to the spa will be guaranteed for the date and time of their choosing, and they will be met with a quick and warm welcome once on site.


An enjoyable place to work

It’s important to us that our employees enjoy coming to work each day. We’ve implemented state of the art technology into our spa operations to facilitate tasks, making for an efficient workplace. This way, our staff will have more time to focus on interacting with our guests and ensuring they have an outstanding experience. Our goal is to celebrate our employees’ individualism and personality, creating opportunities for authentic, personal connections between our staff and our guests.

Our vision for the realization of Nordik Spa-Nature | Whitby

The wellness of our guests is at the core of our vision. We aim to offer a restorative experience in harmony with nature and to create an atmosphere that will transport our guests, allowing them to feel as though they’ve escaped to a holiday.

Discover the benefits of thermotherapy, a treatment that involves alternating between hot and cold temperatures, followed by a rest period. Our spa facilities are centred around this relaxation ritual, based on a 2000-year-old tradition founded in Nordic countries. To get the most out of your experience, we recommend completing the cycle three times through. Use each cycle to explore our saunas inspired by different cultures, our baths of varying temperatures, and our numerous indoor and outdoor relaxation areas.

Awaken your senses and discover our rituals and wellness treatments. Prolong your spa experience and indulge in a body treatment or massage.

With two distinct sections – convivial and silent – you’ll be able to enjoy the spa no matter what mood you’re in. Whether enjoying the spa alone, with friends, family, or your significant other, each experience promises to be different!

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